Tuesday, March 22, 2011

21 March ~ things I am grateful for (before puking, please read the post that precedes this - if you still feel like puking, then go ahead)

A piece of my writing, accepted for publication

Two of our neighbours, stopping to talk to Jake, and finding him charming, even though he pretended he was invisible and refused to look at them

A tube of hand cream for £1

Paul coming home early and making me a celebratory cup of tea

Dinner cooked for me

A heart-shaped anya potato, eaten with a smear of butter

Tempeh perfectly fried in soy sauce

Tenderness offered in an embrace, easier than I imagined

Words that open up possibilities

1 comment:

Sam Pennington said...

No pukking, it's nice to read someone who's not knee-deep in despair! Hooray for you!! (And what a good feeling to be having something published - well done!)