Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some stones from the week

It's been a crap-infested, germ-filled week, with a nice juicy gum abscess thrown in just for fun.  Jake is all better now, Paul is hopefully on his way to being on the mend and my abscess popped by itself.  So there you go - it passes.  But it still sucks.  And I'm sharing it with you because this week on my Writing as a Spiritual Practice course we've been looking at clear-seeing.  And that means not editing out the nasty bits.  Lucky you!

And now, some stones from the week...

uneven ground
graves fixed on a sea
of broken earth
a bed of blue pebbles
gaudy plastic blooms
tilt and bob in the wind

later, I pass a newsagents
a sign reads
All Spirits on Offer
I imagine walking in
and coming out
with a new companion
sticking to my coat


a week of sunny mornings
a paler shade of blue


new flecks of colour
join the crowd
in Clive & Eileen’s window box
English bluebells
Spanish bluebells
Lilac tipped freesia


1 comment:

teri said...

Oh thank you my dear for not editing out the nasty bits... That clear seeing week was hell for me and I did not even have to deal with sickness. I hope everyone is on the mend soon- Sending lots of clarity! And some sunny days where you can open the window and air out your life! xo teri