Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Fiction Project flashes

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I'd start posting my stories here, the ones I wrote for the Fiction Project.  These are very short flashes, 350 words or under, and were written around the theme of Jackets, Blankets and Sheets. 

I find it easier to write if I have some rules and restrictions so I decided I would write 24 stories (each one to begin with each letter from Jackets, Blankets, Sheets - including the commas), and that each one would not only mention a J, B or S but would also be written around a prompt chosen at random.

In some cases, there is mention of a towel or a sleeping bag instead of a J, B or S.  And in some cases, I didn't choose a prompt. 

I'll be posting one of these stories a week.  Thank you in advance for reading.

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