Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Joanie's plan for the alumni reunion was this: stand near the creampuffs (that she herself would be bringing) and stuff as many in her mouth as possible if anyone approached her and asked if she was married, what she did for a living or how many brats she’d produced in the last 20 years.  It was possible of course that no one would recognise her.  When she’d gotten Ryan’s varsity jacket out of the attic, it ripped when she tried to force it over her shoulders and left her smelling of mothballs and dust. 

She could take her Mom’s advice and not go at all but that would be losing without even trying and that was just pathetic.  The least she could do was aim for maximum spatterage. 

She’d talk with her mouth full of green food coloured cream filled puffs then cough at carefully judged intervals, at close range.  Discretely at first, but then, as the night wore on, more violently, ending with the coup de grace of spitting out half a dozen chewed puffs (she’d been practising and could easily tuck that number away in one cheek in preparation) onto a napkin square perched daintily on her hand. 

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nĂ  said...

Love it! Fabulous! And that you really grabbed the spirit in so few words too! x