Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Exploring non-violence with toddlers

A red wind-up ladybird walks across the floor.
A toddler enters, toy drill in hand.
Toddler aims and shoots.

"I shoot the ladybird Mummy."
"But he was just walking along, being a ladybird, why did you shoot him?"
"He didn't like me."

We don't buy Jake toy guns, he isn't exposed to violent video games or images and he's had a lot of positive interaction with ladybirds of late. And yet...

I guess this is why toddlers aren't allowed to go into politics, though it seems a few of them have managed to slip through the net.


Sam Pennington said...

I do love your last paragraph - hear hear!

It's a boy thing, and I don't even want to understand why. I fell out with relations over their trying to breach my 'no guns' rule with gun-shaped bubble-blowers, so I'm with you on that. But as he got older, my darling child even used his fingers to pretend-shoot things. That's okay, I thought, youngest son is a real mummy's boy; he won't do that. Wrong. Now I have one child fixated on a military career (so hope high school succeeds where I've failed in changing his mind) while the other seeks out gun-games online when he thinks I'm not looking. I pray they both grow out of it, but it doesn't look promising!

Anonymous said...

Just popped over via 'Tales'and I just love this. I agree with Sam - it must be a boy thing.