Saturday, April 30, 2011

Versatile? Moi? Why, Thank You Beau-coops.

Annette over at hoofprints in my garden has given me a blogger award. Thanks Annette!

I think I’m supposed to share 7 things about myself, then pass this award on.

So here goes.

1. I have a potty mouth. I thought having a kid would curtail it, but if anything, it’s only made it worse. My only consolation is that my nearly 3 year old at least only swears in context.

2. I still find farts funny.

3. I am not mad about Shakespeare. (Go ahead, shoot me.)

4. I am a constantly-lapsing, confused vegetarian who loves fried tofu but is drawn to fried pork rinds.

5. I believe that drinking (non-herbal) tea after 5pm disrupts my sleep.

6. I am rather fond of ranting.

7. I love the smell of my kid’s toes. Even when they’ve been in sweaty socks all day.

Now I’m gonna pass this award onto:

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Thank you ever so much! I'll be passing it on and posting up soon! xxx

Sam Pennington said...

Why thank you Ms. Heartful! I wondered where and how those awards came from. Thank you very much xxx