Sunday, April 16, 2006

blind contour drawings

Finally I get around to doing some blind contour drawings. The Blind Contour Friday topic for April is out your window. I admit to peeking once or twice.

And here it is coloured in. I did look for the colouring in.

And here's a blind contour self-portrait (from a photo). I'll also admit to peeking once or twice for this. But only briefly! I coloured this one in too but prefer the original drawing. All drawings done in ink pen (with my beloved rotring art pen) on craft paper.


kat@ohmtastic said...

i dig the blue and green hair!

arvindh said...

I love such experiments Tammy! Great work.
Other experiments you may enjoy if you havent tried them out before are - using your non dominant hand, holding the pen between your toes, using your mouth to hold the pen!

sim said...

That got a real offset quality about it.
So I'm not the only one who does odd things on a whim.

Now try drawing by the power of thought alone. move us all.

Rrramone said...

I think that drawing may be my favorite thing I've ever seen you do. Way cool!