Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Tony!

This was drawn from an old photo of my little brother when he was about 3 years old, playing in the sandpit outside our house in Thailand. The dog was my Mom's best friend's dog, who lived across the road from us. A sweet little fella who died when we were heading for our teens.

For Tony's birthday, (which is actually April 4th), who now lives on a whole other continent. Pencil and marker pens, 25.3.06
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Teri C said...

Tammy, this is so sweet! Are you going to frame it and send it as a birthday gift? It would be perfect.

Roz Foster said...

What an adorable kid! You've captured such innocence in his look. An image to remember.

Happy Birthday, Tony!

sim said...

Nice one Tammy, Fun with old photographs.
What makes this for me is the use of the lines of the tee shirt to define the shape. Although the colours are flat the lines give your brother a presents from the background.
Simple ,but effective.

the heartful blogger said...

Thanks everyone. I did embark on this drawing as a birthday gift. The original was sent by snail mail about a week ago, I have yet to find out if he's received it on time! Las Vegas is 8 hours behind London time. Here's hoping.

MjM said...

That is so sweet - a painting for your brother so far away. And the work brings out that bittersweet flavor of nostalgia in the colors.