Wednesday, April 26, 2006

love in the time of pixels: robot(ic) for illustration friday

In case you were wondering, this is a mobile phone, my mobile (or cell) phone to be precise. I decided to draw it as I was wondering how robotic we've become about the way we communicate with each other. I've seen and experienced so many relationships being lived out almost entirely through email or text messages, right from the first flushes of infatuation, through to dumping or being dumped. Has the digital age really brought us closer together, or is it pseudo real? Maybe it's just created more distance between people. Have you made your cellphone into an extension of yourself, a robotic limb or organ? Do you send or receive more text messages or emails than you do real live hugs and caresses? Just something I was thinking about as I drew this and pondered this week's topic. Quick sketch using ink pen and markers on craft paper 26.4.06
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carla said...

I like this closeup of the makes a great composition! I also like the winged there some symbolism, perhaps? I like it!

Teri C said...

I would never even have thought of this 'robot'. Great idea and sketch. Course, I didn't think of any as I was away. First time I have missed IF in a long itme.

Sedley the thief said...

I truly fail to see the robot in this wonderfull picture, it is great but unrelated.

Frizz said...

Nice blog, I love the cats pics and art!!
Thanks for your nice comments. I'll be back!!

arvindh said...

I like this illustration and accompanying thoughtful message. I actually never wanted to have a cell phone. And now that I have it, I am happy that I use it very sparingly. Of course my friends complain.
I do not want to get caught up in and rely heavily on cell phones.

joona said...

i'm one of those with my cellphone as "a robotic limb" (as you've put it)! i cant live without it... hahaha.

nice work! =)