Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Self-portrait with decorative flower drawing, in coloured pencil

This is another project for my drawing in colour course. The idea is to draw a working figure. I'm going to be drawing my friend Mad throwing on the wheel in a pottery studio this weekend, but wanted to get a warm-up drawing a person from life, so I did this self-portrait.

This is me about to get started. The picture on the wall above my head is my Orange Tulips drawing (previously posted). I included this in the self-portrait, hence the title of this post. "Decorative" of course because I'm sure when I submit it to my tutor he will probably say it is merely decorative. It doesn't stop me from liking it and finding value in it anyway. I still think it's a good drawing. If you're interested in my current conundrum with my tutor's comments, see post below "How does an artist develop their own style?"

Anyway, here's the finished self-portrait, along with detail. The backwards writing reads "Decorative flower drawing", ha ha ha hahahaha. This is only the third time I've attempted to draw myself from life. I know I haven't succeeded in conveying a sense of movement. For a working figure, I look a bit stiff and wooden. But still, there are things about this drawing that I do like (I think the face looks more natural for example), and lots that can be improved on (like the proportions of the rest of my body - I am aware I've given myself really big knockers. It's not wishful thinking, I promise).

Thanks for looking (at the drawings, not my knockers).
Pencil & coloured pencil. 5.4.06


Teri C said...

Tammy, your posts are always interesting. That is a great self-portrait! I would definitely recognize you (big knockers or not :) But seriously, it is such a good likeness.

HARDWAX said...

Hi Tammy, Thanks for looking at my work, i'm glad you like my style.

It's a random and unconsious way I have with creative efforts. On this blog-it's mainly digital, but my technique is almost always the same, whatever the medium, I haven't directed it, it's directing me. I hope this is infornative.

I like your self-portraits, but I don't see the same warmth and carefree mood in these, that are in your weekly illos. As usual though your creations are always interesting and very appealing!

bingo and betty said...

... EXCELLENT Tammy.

Rrramone said...

Tammy, this is very interesting. I like the inclusion of the "decoration" as you are making a statement. As a drawing, I prefer the 2 portraits in the post below for their overall energy. Keep exploring! Am loving the discussion about art, style and what it all means! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice work!

the heartful blogger said...

Thanks everyone. I agree with you Teri that I think this is a closer physical likeness of me than in previous portraits, but I also agree with Rrrramone and Hardwax about their being less energy, less dynamism in this drawing. It's interesting what you say, Hardwax, about how the portraits lack the warmth and carefree mood of my weekly illos, I recognise that too, and wonder why that is. I guess Illustration Friday feels more like play to me, and the course is "more serious".

Ina said...

good JOb! :)