Saturday, April 29, 2006

From my St Ives Journal

I came across the art journal I kept when I visited St Ives (Cornwall, Southwestern Coast of England) in September 2004. It was a special holiday, the weather was glorious, we had a week of solid sunshine and warmth, the light was beautiful, I'd found the space to be perfectly free and perfectly creative. It was a time of beginnings and promise, (I'd recently left an oppressive relationship and had just met Paul, I was also deepening new friendships and getting back my sense of self) and as I look back over the drawings and paintings I made then, I am surprised and pleased to see how good some of these are, at a time when I wasn't trying to draw well or drawing for a course or any sort of project or deadline, at a time when it all came from a place of pure freedom and spontaneity and joy.

The postcards pasted into my journal pages above are of artworks entitled dragonfly & legs by Ben Hartley (top) and space & matter by Sandra Blow (below). I found these at the Tate Gallery in St Ives.

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arvindh said...

You are right - you have many good ones from the sketchbook. I think put together, youhave a great body of work!