Monday, April 19, 2010

How to eat a Cornetto

Plead with Mummy to please stop
"just taking the nuts off the top"
of your Cornetto. 
The nuts disappeared a long time ago and she knows it.

Go ahead and stick it on your nose. 
Inhalation of ice cream does no harm whatsoever.

Tease Mummy every now and then by standing still for minutes
at a time without even looking at your Cornetto,
holding it at funny angles so that it might
just drip all over the carpet.

Eat very slowly so as to maximise the application of
Cornetto beard and 'tache.

Then you know you've done it right.


tree shadow moon said...

Ace - I shall be across shortly for lessons!!! How much fun!!!!

and crikey, he's really growing so very much! He's Little-Boy-Jake now, not Baby-Jake!!!!!

Tell him that when he comes to visit us in Italy, we'll take him to eat the biggest ice-cream he's ever seen!!!


Heartful said...


And he's finally reached 10kgs in weight!

tree shadow moon said...

!!! Ace!!! He'll be getting to 15 with a few more cornettos! ;)

I wish you guys were here right now! Miss you xxx

Anonymous said...

Look at those eyes! I could eat him ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm grinning all over my unfortunately non-chocolate-covered face. :D

He has so much gorgeous cheeky personality in those bushbaby eyes.