Tuesday, April 06, 2010

On days like today...


I feel like a proper Mum.  On our first day of warm spring weather, Jake and I went out for a long walk through the marshes to Springfield Park.  I managed to cook a yummy picnic lunch before we set off and he ate it all - from the aubergine pesto pasta to the apple bread.  Jake wandered around like a happy little explorer, except when he wanted to get into the river / stream and didn't understand why Mummy was pulling him away.  After nearly three hours of toddling and eating, he fell asleep clutching a piece of apple bread.   (Oh, and on the way home, I rescued an abandoned doll pram off the street.  It still works fine.  Just needs a bit of a clean then Jake can push his doll around to his heart's content.)


Beth said...

Gorgeous ;) Lovely pictures, and I echo your sentiments, although it's raining and freezing here so no chance of happy walks in the park! x

tree shadow moon said...

Ah, that sounds so lovely! And how cool that he gobbled everything up! Love the photos and vid!
Reminded me of being near Ryantown last summer with you guys and Mr M on that parkground, and then walking back from the bus to yours.
Miss you!

sparklepetal said...

Bless him! He's very like Snow White as he pootles about on the grass, although she would have been after that dog like a shot! We had a very similar afternoon... lots of toddling, picking daisies, gathering tiny stones, dropping stones through drains... such a lovely stage!

turtleturtleturtle said...

Bless his little heart. He looks great! You would never think he had been so sick.
Brilliant work Mummy!