Thursday, April 08, 2010

More days like this please!

Jake went to nursery this morning and I had about 3 hours to myself.  I had a really good think about my drawing project (more on that in another post), spoke to a friend and made a picnic lunch to share with Jake.  It's such a beautiful day, even warmer and sunnier than Tuesday - cloudless blue skies, budding trees, soft breezes, and the promise of abundance - of sunshine, of long warm days, of good times.  So after nursery I took Jake to a park we haven't been to for a while. 

On our way there he kept going in and out of everybody's front gardens, looking at their flowers and pot plants and letting me know which gates were closed and which gates were open.  Much to my amusement, he couldn't walk by an open gate without shutting it.

Then we found a sunny spot in the park and ate.  He wasn't too keen on the tomato risotto balls, but he did love the tuna and egg mayo sandwiches.  I don't know how long this phase will last but one of his favourite games is running towards me or Paul, asking for cuggles and giving us big hugs complete with pats on the back.  I LOVE this game!  We did that for a bit, and played up and down and he chased dogs around and pointed at planes and wandered off every now and then saying "Bye bye Daddy!" to me. 

Then he asked to sit in his pram and we walked up the lovely tree-lined gravel path and he asked to get out again and stopped to play with dirt and gravel before declaring that he wanted to go home and listen to Ghost Riders in The Sky (his favourite song at the moment), walked to the pram and asked to be put in it.  On the way home, he fell asleep and he's still napping now.  Bliss!!

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Anonymous said...

Once again Jake and Snow White are united in their purpose... she spent a long time moving gravel round her Grandma's garden this afternoon!