Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our weekend in Cheshire

Showing Jake the house where Daddy was born.

Doing his Bobby Hill impression...

At Lakemoor Farm.  Without being told, Jake went straight up
to the donkeys and decided to feed them.

He was totally unafraid.
And all was well until one donkey chomped on his finger by accident.
Not the one in this photo, I might add. 
There was a lovely vibe between the two of them.
Both donkey and boy were gentle with each other.

It didn't deter him from trying to
feed this pony some invisible grass.

This is just before the pony licked his nose. 
Jake didn't mind one bit!

Surveying the pigs and sheep and goats and
spitting llamas from Daddy's shoulders.

In the play area.

And, walking in the woods near Grandma & Grandpa's house.

One small boy enjoyed himself very much!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Jake had a lovely time! We often look at the webcam on the Donkey Sanctuary website to feed Snow White's donkey obsession. She points and squeaks whenever one of them moves. I don't think she would be too keen to be licked on the nose by such a large tongue though!

tree shadow moon said...