Monday, April 05, 2010

No. 2

Dad and me.  There aren't many photos of my Dad, let alone smiling and without his sunglasses.  He's usually the one holding the camera.  Here he was trying to lean out of shot.  It didn't work!  It's weird knowing that in the photo, he's probably the same age I am now, maybe even younger. 

Making these drawings from photos I realise how even "candid" shots look posed, and how this may not necessarily help with my comic strip drawings, as so many of the moments that I might want to draw are the ones that nobody sees with the camera.  Still, doing all this drawing practice might give me more confidence to draw from imagination.  I just keep repeating to myself that the object is not necessarily to make the drawing look exactly like the photo.  I drew, erased and redrew the lines so many times in pencil, I didn't want to go even further and outline it in all in ink. 

(And yes, the numbering is totally plagiarised from the yellow lamp!)

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