Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Since the 1st of April...

I was going to do a people drawing every other day (should be up to at least 3 by now), and produce a comic strip a week, and keep a written journal (to keep the insanity in check) and of course look after a small person and cook and occasionally clean myself.  I was sure the 4 day weekend would give me lots of time to do most of the above.  But this is what happened instead...


At the Museum of Childhood



His new old doll pram. 
He disappeared into the kitchen with it, followed by a long silence,
a whimper and a cry of "Toes!".
I walked in to find him trapped in it.
I couldn't help but laugh (and call for Paul to fetch the camera).

Things should ease up a bit now that he's well enough to return to nursery two mornings a week.  But we still haven't been able to break him of his going to bed at 11pm since the clocks went forward and I have no idea what's been happening during his naptimes.  Last night he didn't get to sleep till 11:45pm!!!!!  I know I should have tried putting him down much earlier, and I meant to, but Masterchef didn't finish till 10 I was on my own last night and it took me twice as long to get anything done and then he started being all lively and cute and singing uncle, uncle little star. 
Crafty monkey.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what time does he wake up if he doesn't go to bed till 11?! Maybe nursery hours will help you adjust his clock? Looks like you've been having far too much fun to regret the absence of new drawings, and you can always do several at once if the mood takes you. The singing is darling! Snow White will do the actions if Jake sings and they can form an act together!!

Heartful said...

That sounds lovely Sparklepetal!

He's been waking up around 9. Yes, hopefully nursery will help!!

Glovecat said...

"Toes!" - ha ha ha! You cruel, cruel mother, making him wait there until the evidence had been duly recorded, ha ha ha! Love it, and so will he (in some years time) when he brings his first date home, hee hee. :)