Sunday, April 04, 2010

No. 1

Which version do you prefer?


Anonymous said...

I'm drawn to the pencil sketch because that's how I would draw, but I associate the pen more with your style, so that one kind of looks 'right'. I think the pencil is maybe better for drawing Jake though, he has a delicacy of features which is brought out better by the fine pencil strokes.

Happy Easter!

Heartful said...

I prefer the pencil sketch here too. I may stick to pencil for the rest of my people drawings.

Glovecat said...

I like the pen. But maybe that's because I like the commitment of ink, and feel less at ease with the erasability of pencil... Hmm. Like the way you've gone with Yellow Lamp-esque numbering! :)

tree shadow moon said...

I think I agree with Sparklepetal that in this particular case I prefer the pencil version, though for your cartooning I'd usually say ink.
Have fun!

tree shadow moon said...

p.s. - I love the new blog background!