Saturday, April 02, 2011

2 April ~ Praise

Jake waking up happy ~

Jake standing on the pavement with his sunglasses on upside down, waving goodbye to me, not wanting to stop till I walked away from the window ~

discovering that my short story recently published in State of Imagination is in the same issue as a story written by the editor and founder of one of the most well-respected online literary magazines out there (my response when I found out?  HOLY F**K!!!) ~

Hayley's magic yoga class ~

finding edamame ~

being bought toasted corn snacks ~

being able to treat myself to (responsibly sourced) jumbo prawns thanks to a build up of nectar points, which were delicious stir fried with ginger and garlic.  The prawns weren't bad either. ~

when Jake heard yoga made my back better, his face lit up and he immediately asked for cuddles (I've been telling him lately that I can't carry him because my back hurts) ~

the sweet crisp iceberg lettuce leaves in my salad ~

"Black Snake" by Mary Oliver ~

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Elizabeth Marie said...

Lots of joy in this post. Lovely.