Monday, April 04, 2011

4th April ~ Praise for

Jake mumbling in his sleep, “Mummy I need a cuddle”~

The 30 minutes I took to do yoga (and the cuddles Jake gave me during it) ~

“The Journey” by Mary Oliver (I’m reading a poem a day as part of National Poetry Month) ~

Making Jake smile ~

Greek salad & prawns for lunch ~

Mr Bloom’s Nursery (filed under things that shouldn’t work but do) ~

Music from The Sound of Siam cd ~

Teaching Jake to say Sawadee Krup (a Thai greeting) and him being able to say it after a few attempts come out as D-cup! ~

Finding snippets of time throughout the day to edit a short short while Jake kept himself entertained ~

Each breath ~

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changapeluda said...

please tell me where to find those snippets because i misplaced mine loooong ago and need new ones