Tuesday, April 05, 2011

5th April ~ Praise for

Paul taking the day off so I could have some time for myself (Thanks Paul) ~

Jake doing the soggy juice dance (singing the soggy juice song which goes like this: soggy juice, soggy juice, soggy soggy juice while jigging head, elbows, hips and shoulders) ~

Jake taking his doll pram upstairs to the “train museum” with Daddy ~

Nostalgia trips courtesy of Nik Kershaw’s Wouldn’t It Be Good (thanks Na!) and Howard Jones’ Like To Get To Know You Well ~

“what is looooooooooove anyway, does anybody love anybody anyway, whoa, whoaaaaaaa, woah oooooooooh….” ~

Ah, you tube. ~

The joy of following your gut while editing a story (and hoping your gut is right) ~

The expressiveness of Jake’s eyebrows ~

Completing my 8th flash on Show Me Your Lits – whether said flash is pants or not ~

My friend the till monkey, for putting me onto Show Me Your Lits and Duotrope's Digest – without which I wouldn’t be flashing every week, submitting work or had my recent pieces published ~


changapeluda said...

saw Howard Jones w/my best friend in high school...one of those concerts where i felt like crying but couldn't figure out why

nĂ  said...

Thanks to you and The Till Monkey I have, for the first time, taken my bundled up courage and sent in a submission. Second time, I suppose, I forget River of Stones. But, this is longer. Thanks - I finally decided there's nothing to lose unless I don't try!

Heartful said...

Brilliant Na!!!!!!! May it be the first of many x