Saturday, April 09, 2011

8th April ~ praise for

New blooms everywhere ~

The multitude of daisies covering the grassy banks of the nature reserve ~

The cormorants we saw all day – flying here and there, perched on their nests, and the one we saw up close – taking a swim and sunning itself ~

The reddish flutter of a butterfly I later learned was a Comma ~

The presence of grass snakes on the marsh (I saw one swimming in a ditch) They are rare now and are considered a vulnerable species ~

This time, this age – when it is perfect joy to collect pebbles to throw into water from a bridge, to hear and see the splash ~

The lovely time Jake & I had at the café near Springfield Park, having the most delicious wholemeal tuna baguette, sharing a Calippo and chips and just being together ~

The friendly Indonesian lady from the next table who came over to say hello and have a chat (even though Jake refused to look at her or speak to her) ~

The tiny pink boat someone had made out of a used carton and some card that was floating down the canal ~

The grey heron in the water under the railway bridge (which flew off just before I could get my camera in position) ~

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