Sunday, April 03, 2011

3 April ~ Praise for

A Sunday morning lie-in ~

The pleasure of Jake’s company ~

The little girl in the playground that Jake took a shine to ~

Positive, supportive comments about my story ~

An ice cream cone wrapped in gold paper without labels ~

Jake holding a clementine to his chest and saying, “Boobies!!” ~

The film “The Malta Story” which I accidentally caught this morning ~

My shallot and aubergine omelette turning out nicely ~

The heart shaped sticker containing a smiley pig that Jake just stuck to my shirt ~

This paragraph from Sharon Salzberg’s book Faith ~ Trusting your own deepest experience:

“As we open to what is actually happening in any given moment, whatever it is or might be, rather than running away from it, we become increasingly aware of our lives as one small part of a vast fabric made of an evanescent, fleeting, shimmering pattern of turnings. Letting go of the futile battle to control, we can find ourselves rewoven into the pattern of wholeness, into the immensity of life, always happening, always here, whether we’re aware of it or not.” ~

The Mother's Day card Jake drew for me - with lovely misshapen balloons drawn round the border ~

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Elizabeth Marie said...

what a lovely list of praise worthy things!

The quote seems like a good thing to read today.