Saturday, May 01, 2010

A To Do List for the next 100 days (to give myself a kick up the butt)

NB> This list has since been added to. For an up-to-date list, please click on My 100 days To Do list under my pages. (12.5.10)

~ 1 May - 9 August 2010
(I wanted to do this post in a fancy font, but blogger doesn't seem to have any)

1. Grow an indoor herb ‘garden’ which includes chives

2. Put 100 day drawings into scrapbook 

3. Start doing 10 mins of yoga 3 times per week in addition to Saturday class

4. Declutter & sort out downstairs bedroom & living room

Phase 1: throw out old papers etc, give away unwanted / unused stuff

Phase 2: reorganise storage to make better use of space

5. Set up a “materials” box to store things for Jake activities 

6. Sort out a better way of storing my arts & crafts stuff

7. Sort out Jake’s existing toys: reorganise storage of toys, set up system of organising toys so they can be put away easily and circulated regularly, give away unused stuff

8. Start a dressing up box for Jake

9. Sort out arts & crafts for Jake: Select some of his art work for display and put rest in a folder, Set up a tidy & usable arts & crafts box

10. Set up a regular plan of activities for Jake

11. Keep a regular, daily if possible, handwritten journal

12. Write 10.000 words for a personal writing project

13. Do at least 5 drawings for pleasure

14. Do at least 5 sketches / drawings for cookbook project

15. Sort presents for Alyx 12th birthday (by 23 July)

16. Sort presents for Jake’s 2nd birthday (by 23 July)

17. Look into crafty projects using felt and find up to 5 that are of interest
18. Create / settle on one design for printing – either for stationery set or for fabric printing

Reserve items if all of the above get done:

18. Buy and organise materials needed for printing above project

19. Start printing sets or items

20. Start on one or more of the felt projects
21. Start making sketches for graphic memoir project

Items for a future list:
Do a silk screen printing course with Print Club London


Beth said...

Niiiiice. And good luck! I've actually been doing some items off my list recently, and have been wondering about writing up a new list and doing it properly. I like the way you've done it, with less than 100 items, but 100 days to do it. Far more achievable ;)

Heartful said...

Thanks! You were my inspiration!

tree shadow moon said...

Crikey nora! What a woman!!! You're ace! Enjoy doing your very exciting things! It all sounds fab!
I have to say, of late I'm beginning to get a little more of the instinct to tidy, organise and throw out, and it's fun!
I might have to make myself a list too!

We did some silk screen printing at school, and recently I wanted to try it out again myself here! Funny that! Lucky you that there's a course!

What is the graphic memoir project?

How do you manage to cross things out on the computer? I mean, the line you put through a text when something on the list is 'done'? That's something I've never managed to figure out!

Hugs xxx

tree shadow moon said...

!!! I don't have that option on my post writing page! Bold, italics, font size, bullet points, numbered points, spell check, that's all!!


What's going on?!

Heartful said...

No idea! I'm using blogger in draft but I don't think that should affect it. Sorry!