Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Felt pillow & blanket

Today I really needed to make something lovely, just for the heck of it.  So while Jake was having his nap, I made these...a little felt pillow and blanket for his doll's bed.  Not very complicated, and the sewing hurt my wrist like hell, but I like how they turned out.

Making a doll's bed is one of the ideas for play out of the Toddler's Busy Book.  We first did this a couple of weeks ago, using some old muslin squares for the pillow and blanket and a cardboard box for the bed.  I'm glad he now has a specially made mini-pillow and blanket to use instead.  I'm glad I bothered.  Why shouldn't he have things like this to play with?  Just because he's a boy doesn't mean he won't appreciate it.  In fact, since he woke up from his nap and discovered these, he's been trying to use them for himself, me and his Daddy.  Perhaps I should make a bigger version!

Also, I don't know if it's a coincidence, but since Jake started playing at putting his doll to bed, he's been asking to go to bed when he's tired in the evening (and at a reasonable hour too), rather than wailing and protesting when we decide he's tired enough.  The power of play :-)

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Anonymous said...

Lovely! Very strange to see Snow White's doll's twin over at your house! She's not really interested in putting her baby to bed - but will lovingly fold toy animals in "blankets" (nappies), hold them to her chest and pat them while rocking back and forth :)