Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We've got seedlings!

One week on and we have basilings and chivelings!  Yippeeeee!!  I was especially worried about these since I heard they needed extra warm conditions to propagate.  There's no peep yet from either the coriander or the parsley but this is very encouraging.  [Edit: As of 13th May, we have a peep from the Coriander too!]

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tree shadow moon said...

:D yay!
When the basil has grown more, and you are eating it, as it starts to grow flowers, nip off the flowers (that way it'll keep growing for longer before going to seed. Once you let the flowers continue then it'll soon try to go to seed, this way however it'll last a bit longer).
When it does go to seed, let some of it grow really high, until it dries up and then you can gather some of the seeds to plant again next time round! :)