Sunday, May 09, 2010

Maybe fighting it makes it worse

This week has been one of the longest, hardest, craziest, most stressful and trying weeks I've had in a long time.  Let me sum it up by making a list:

1) The weather has gone shit.  Two weeks ago, we were wearing summer clothes and sweltering in temperatures of 20 degrees C.  Now that May is here, we've gone back to winter.

2) Jake, Paul & I were all hit by some weird viral thing.  Jake threw up Wednesday night but then bounced back the next morning.  Paul & I though were achy, shivery and exhausted for three days.  Then...

3) On Thursday - the day that I felt the worst - I had no energy and the slightest movement made me hot and sweaty, followed quickly by cold shivers, Paul had to work all day and Jake was absolutely full of determined, willful toddler energy.  He threw the biggest tantrum when I couldn't take him to the playground after nursery like I usually do, and I ended up shouting at him way too much.  Paul also had to work all night Thursday, updating election results for work.  So I struggled on my own and very very badly.

4) On Friday, I was feeling a little better, but Paul and I were both exhausted and Jake wasn't.  Another day of tired shouting ensued.  And to top it all off, we woke up to a mostly Tory Government.

5) On Saturday I felt like the virus was gone, but I was left with a sore, stiff knee, a bruised and swollen ankle and occasional cramps just under my ribs.  Yoga was hard work but did help.

6) Today, I woke up with the worst headache since a wisdom tooth related migraine about 12 years ago.  The worst thing is, I don't even know what the hell brought it on.  All I did last night was watch Britain's Got Talent (and actually enjoyed it), ate an egg custard tart, then went to bed.  The pain was so bad I just wanted to cry.  So I did.  Then I felt better.  Then it hurt all over again. 

7) Since there's been so much shouting and angry / grumpy / ill / tired Mummy this week, Jake's wary of me and prefers to be with Paul instead.  I can't blame him but it still sucks.

I don't want to end on a completely negative note so I will say this.  There have been good parts to this week too (for one thing, it's 2:30pm and I'm still in my pyjamas) but most of them are down to Jake.  Jake and his gorgeous smile, Jake wanting me to sing him certain nursery rhymes, Jake singing, "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Tum Tum", Jake asking us to "open" his socks, Jake drawing on the walls, then washing them, Jake hanging out the window shouting bugger at passersby (I have no idea where he learned that word, really!), Jake asking for "more kiss, more kiss!"  And of course, this...

"I was just walking along minding my own business
when I was attacked by a chocolate biscuit!"

"Okay, okay, it was Mummy! 
She gave me one to keep me quiet."

(you baby snitch!)


solveig said...

Boo to bad weeks. And can't believe all this cold weather in May!

Hope you feel better soon.

S x

tree shadow moon said...

Love you! Hope that next week is better all round. Sorry didn't manage to coincide the skyping yesterday, hope to catch you soon though.
lots and lots of love xxxxx

Anonymous said...

So sorry you've had a rough week but that's a gorgeous post - love the 'head, shoulders, knees and tum-tum'!! And those are gorgeous photos at the end. Hope you feel much much better soon.

Isadori said...

So sorry you've had such a tough week but that's a gorgeous post - love 'head, shoulders, knees and tum-tum'! And those are gorgeous pictures. Hope you feel much much better soon xx