Thursday, May 27, 2010

Then & Now

Yesterday we bumped into Ivy & E.  Ivy hadn't seen Jake for a month or two and she remarked how different he looked - taller and not like a baby anymore, but more like a little boy.  Seeing him every day, we don't notice the change so much.  Later, it struck me that there did seem to be a lot more leg to him when I change his nappy.  And that he does seem longer when I'm carrying him.  There is already so much to notice about him - the new words he's using, the different facial expressions he's making, the way he moves and uses his body, the new things he's learning to do.  But I hadn't quite noticed how much he's grown.

I know it's a cliche, but is there anything more wondrous, more simple yet miraculous than getting to be here right now?  Living, breathing and watching a beloved person grow, day by day by day.

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