Thursday, May 13, 2010

No. 7 ~ Sort out storage and organisation of Jake's toys

I knew this was gonna be a big job.  Just trying to keep things somewhat tidy with no bits missing at the end of each day is already a struggle.  But I knew I needed to organise things better.  I started this job a couple of weekends ago and managed to finish it today.  Here are before & after photos for the living room.  It may not look like much of a difference, but it definitely feels much better. 

In the before photo, there are bits of bubble wrap draping over an unused changing bag we were given free which was full of old stoma supplies!  In short, it had become a bit of a rubbish dumping ground.  The unused stoma supplies are now bagged up to give to the hospital.  It was very odd seeing those again.  It felt like a whole other lifetime ago when Jake had a stoma.

Here, many of Jake's toys have been redistributed into seagrass baskets. 
Sorry the photo isn't very clear.

I also did a lot of sorting out in the downstairs bedroom which overlaps with another list item.  But here is an after photo of the part of the room concerning Jake's toys. 

(Completed 13/5/10)

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