Saturday, January 16, 2010


This week I made foccacia and lightly spiced tomato cous-cous muffins, both for the first time. I also switched from butter back to dairy-free spread. I’ve noticed that I tend to eat about half any pieces of toast I make cos Jake chomps half of it, and I mostly eat the crusts because he doesn’t like them. We’ve also been drinking our juices diluted for months and I’d forgotten what normal juice tastes like. Jake’s appetite has been low for weeks and we haven’t had weighed since before xmas. He looks bony again, but he has definitely been getting taller.

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Anonymous said...

Eating the crusts - that sounds familiar! I find it hard to work out how much I've had to eat at a meal nowadays, because it always depends on how hungry Snow White is as to how much is left for me! But she's decided she prefers Daddy's weetabix to my porridge now, so the tables are turned slightly!

I hope Jake's appetite starts to pick up again soon for your peace of mind - but if he's growing taller then his body must be getting some good nutrients.

I'd like to award your blog a Sunshine Award if that's OK? Because reading about your daily ups and downs and seeing all the pictures you share is really an inspiration to me.