Monday, January 18, 2010


What can I say?  I've been nominated for a sunshine blog award, not once, but twice!!  I'm touched and overcome with giddiness!  Thanks to the lovely Sparklepetal and wonderful Skip at Skippedydoodah, I can proudly display this on my blog....

And I get to nominate 12 other bloggers too.  I'm going to pick the blogs I visit all the time - you all inspire me and enrich my life in one way or another!  In no particular order:

Shadows and Clouds - wide-eyed wonder and tales of a beautiful life in Italy and beyond.

Changapeluda - one of the strongest, boldest, most creative and inspirational people I've had the pleasure to connect with, Changa is a wonderful Mama and Jake's fairy godmother to boot.  If it were a perfect world, we would have grown up together and be living next door to each other with our angelic offspring.

Milla on The Milky Way - stunning photos and heartwarming adventures of a gorgeous mama and her beautiful girl.

Carrot in Mum's Hair - the thought-provoking, enjoyable, well-written blog on motherhood by a fellow baby led weaner.

My name is Beth - a fellow participant of the 100 days project whose to-do list for the project is awe inspiring!  Oh, and did I mention she's also an amazing Mum to gorgeous little J-cub. 

The Tangled Yarn - another 100 day project participant who's been wonderfully supportive and whose projects have inspired me to make changes of my own. 

The Yellow Lamp - another 100 day project participant who's daily drawings I always look forward to.

100 days, 100 firsts - yup, another 100 day project participant whose adventurous undertakings are all about what's possible, and lots of fun too.

Bird Ahoy - simply beautiful!  I've been following Lesley's blog for yonks now and have learned a lot from her.

Kaija at Paperiaare - as a notebook and paper fetishist, I was thrilled to stumble across Kaija's blog a few years ago.  She makes exquisite works of art and posts lovely photos too. 

Pablo's Kneepit - sadly Pablo has disappeared from the blogging world for a while now, but I was an avid follower of his adventures with potatoes, festivals and the search for his Mama. 

And last but not least, I know you've already been nominated Skip, but I was gonna nominate you anyway!  So here goes, to Skip - a Supermum to the beatific Moomin who gets more done than anyone I know!  She knits, she sews, she cooks and bakes, she writes, she makes everything that can possibly be made and she's funny.  And I don't mean funny in the head.

There you go.  Please feel free to display the above sunshine award on your blog and nominate your own favourite blogs as well.


Lesley said...

Thank you! That's very sweet of you! :-) I love all the drawings you've been doing, especially the shoes. x

Nina said...

Oh thank you ever so much for the nomination! You are too kind. I have been meaning to write you back but been so slack. Promise will do soon.
Sending you love and buckets full of positive energy!
Nina xxx

nadia said...

Thanks so much, that's really exciting! All the nice things you said - well ditto about you, of course!

Big hugs and hope to speak soon (p.s. - good to hear they're sending out special bags, and good to hear you've probably got a date fixed for the reversal.)

Anonymous said...

Ah thanks hun. But let's face it... I am a little funny in the head. ;)

changapeluda said...

aren't we All??

but in a goooood Funky way.

thank you tammy
you Are my bloggin' BFF
& someday i'll hold that lil fairygodson of mine & give him my own kissingz