Sunday, January 03, 2010


This time I tried to draw Jake from life.  I did it blind contour in a few minutes and he moved a lot, so the result is...chaotic!


Nina said...

Dear Tammy,
I wish you a very Happy New year! I have been reading you blog (catching up after not seeing it not updated for a while) and am so happy to read you again! I also realised, I haven't been such a good friend and should have checked up on you earlier! I am sorry.

I love your blog and now that you write from your heart, it is so real and human. I love it more. I also love the fact that you are writing honestly, so refreshing. your drawings are inspiring as usual.

Please drop me an email at with your home address. I miss you and would like to write to your home address.

Love and kisses, best wishes for the new year!
Nina xxx

Glovecat said...

I really love your blind drawings, and am hoping to do some of my own soon... There's something Picasso-esque about them! :)