Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Halfway through!  I've have been wondering how doing these drawings is making me a better person.  I'm learning.  I'm learning that taking just 10 minutes a day to do something like this does make a difference.  I'm learning to let go and accept what comes and not judge myself in terms of the quality of what I'm producing, but being in the process and enjoying it.  I'm therefore learning to be kind to myself, at least in this one aspect of my life.  I'm feeling a part of something, have a sense of purpose and enjoying the sense of community that I've discovered since starting this journey.  And it's all making me a happier person.  And a happier me makes a better me.  Now I just have to ask the people around me if they agree!

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changapeluda said...

oh Don't ever stop drawing Tammy!

my blogworld has been made soooo much more beautiful by your efforts.

not to mention the oh so satisfying vicarious sense of

(it's inspiring, fer sure)