Thursday, January 28, 2010


More rummaging around in boxes upstairs confirms my love of notebooks. All of them partially filled. A lot of them with crap. But I uncover a few gems. A magazine with Tilda Swinton on the cover and featuring off the wall writing. Two poems I put together in my writing group days using glue and cut up words. And a short story I wrote entitled Rick Moody Did It First. My take on a story of his called Primary Sources which is basically a heavily footnoted list of books. Once again I discover why writing is so important to me.


Lesley said...

Haha! Me too! I'm the same with sketchbooks :-) What is it about those books, their lovely pages calling out to you... BUY ME, BUY ME!.. when you know you don't need a new one, but you just have to have it. Do you have any that you can't bear to write in?

the heartful blogger said...

I used to, but then someone told me it was a waste to keep beautiful things only for special occasions, so now I enjoy writing in the most beautiful, treasured books.