Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Mummy Jake

One of the presents I got Jake for xmas was a doll.  He always plays with at least one doll when I take him to playgroups and I didn't see why I should deprive him of one just because he's a boy.  We rationed his xmas presents so he wouldn't feel overwhelmed getting them all at once.  That way, xmas lasts for ages!  Here's my little boy being a good Mummy to his dolly.  I know she looks a bit creepy and very pink, but he loves her anyway! 

For those of you who might be feeling nervous at the sight of a boy playing with a pink doll, do not fret.  His very last xmas present which he'll get this weekend is a good old solid boy's toy - a wooden train set.


Glovecat said...

Brilliant. Why do we shy away from giving boys "girls' toys" and vice versa? I hate the whole gender stereotyping thing. Just leafing through the toy section in an Argos catalogue is bound to turn my stomach... Pink and fluffy for HER, dark colours and weapons for HIM...

You're bringing Jake up to be a well-rounded individual, and that's the best thing you can hope to do! :)

Anonymous said...

Oooo! Snow White was given the exact same doll, not for Christmas but for her birthday the month before. Hers is called 'Betty'. We 'lost' the bottle on unwrapping, if Betty needs milk she can be cuddled for a breastfeed! I can see that it is helpful to have a bottle for Jake though, maybe he's giving expressed milk?!

At the moment Betty is brought to me together with her little doll's potty that my mum found and a lot of baby-chat until I take off her little pants and balance her on the potty. I think this is hilarious as Snow White wants nothing to do with her own potty!

Here's to lots of smiles caused by our gorgeous babies!

Beth said...

Ha SP - when my sister was born, and I was about 4, my mum got me a Tiny Tears doll so I wouldn't be jealous. I, inexplicably, named her 'Batty'. My mum did everything to try and get me to change her name to Betty or Patty, but I was having none of it ;)

Tammy I say good on you for beating down those gender stereotypes, it drives me barmy when Jacob picks up pink toys at baby groups and the mums take it away saying "Oh you don't want that, it's for girls" grrrr.