Sunday, December 19, 2010

19th December ~ on which the 100 word diary makes its return

So after shouting at my toddler for trying to snatch the Pritt Stick out of my hand while glueing his be-angelled image onto red card, and hinting at Paul that I need some time to myself, I get said time to myself and what do I do? Eat leftover Chinese in front of the computer while they are upstairs laughing and screaming together. What I’d really like for xmas is to get what I want without feeling like a cow. Okay, I also did some writing, which I claim is important for my existence. Still feel like a cow though.


Elizabeth Marie said...

Even cows need time to chew their cuds in peace now and then, right?

I love this 100 word diary concept.

Celia said...

They were probably laughing and screaming because they had completely forgotten about the incident. Enjoy your time and keep these 100 word diary entries going- love them.