Thursday, December 23, 2010

23rd December ~ 150 word diary (the one where Santa gets naked)

So Jake met Santa and didn’t freak out. When I went to collect him from nursery, Santa (who was Cockney and had an earring in one ear) was still there handing out presents. Jake watched him with a mixture of awe, confusion and suspicion. When I asked him what it was like meeting Santa, he thought about it and said very seriously, “Says ho ho ho that one. Ho ho ho.”

Today when he woke up crying, I showed Jake a lovely card we received entitled “Santa’s Full Monty.” Santa, Russian doll like, goes from being fully dressed to naked (with bits discretely covered) in four steps. It calmed him down but I now wonder what he must be thinking. Santa is a man who dresses up funny, hands out presents to children and also sometimes takes his clothes off. Oh dear. Good preparation for the world at large then.


Anonymous said...

Oh Boy! What next. It could be taken the wrong way I suppose!!

CJ xx

Elizabeth Marie said...

Now I want a Full Monty Santa of my own.

My daughter was always suspicious of Santa. We couldn't get her to sit on his lap for anything once she was old enough to propel herself without aid of mom or dad.