Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21st December ~ 100 word diary

Cutting out stars and colouring them with oil pastels. Cutting out shapes and listening to the Smoke Fairies album Through Low Light & Trees on Spotify. Absolutely gorgeous. Jake loves it too. When I switched to another album, Jake said “NO! Want that music!” And now he is lying on the floor, belly down, pushing a train across a track, listening with his whole body, his eyes and arm move with the train and the words and the rhythms of the music and I see him in his own world, inhabiting himself fully. I hope he never loses that ability.


Elizabeth Marie said...

I feel like I'm revisiting my daughter's "toddlerhood" when I come here. Thank you for that. Also, not only do I feel that Reverb 10 has given me the gift of your blog, I also have NEW MUSIC to explore. I'm listening to Smoke Fairies now.

Celia said...

Sounds like a pleasant moment in time.