Monday, December 20, 2010

What we've been up to...

Jake & I have had a very busy week...

Rearranging my spice rack while I bake mint chocolate cookies
Making salt dough

Kneaded into a lovely ball
Stopping to brush teeth, an important step in making salt dough

The baked salt dough faces Jake made with very little help
They are Daddy, Mummy, Jake

The salt dough bird I made following Geninne's bird ornament tutorial
It collapsed in the oven and came out wonky
All our creations, cooling off after baking

A few days later, we painted them with a poster paint & pva glue mix...

Painting our creations - Jake paints his faces

And then repaints them all green

The cat I made with a bit of leftover salt dough

The bird ornament, painted, varnished and somehow strung up on the tree
It caused so much cursing and swearing to get it
to that "hanging" stage that it is now known as The Effin' Bird

In the middle of all the creating, we also went out in the snow

And made a snowman with Daddy...

...complete with a goatee and pubes (Paul's idea)

And Jake played with his friend from across the road
And we built another snow...creature

All in one week!!  See what not doing reverb10 can lead to? :-)


Anonymous said...

Love the effin bird.
And the last line of your post :)

Jan said...

Just popping in again to say how much I enjoyed your post today. Lovely days.