Friday, December 24, 2010

24th December ~ 100 word diary (the one where I make sense)

Maybe spending half of xmas eve tidying, storing & reorganizing Jake’s toys wasn’t such a great idea. Cos I’ve spent half the day in a furious frenzy and I still haven’t done any baking for tomorrow. Here’s where I decide to focus on the positive or have a meltdown. How’s this? Trying to explain to Jake what elderflower cordial was, I said at the end of an inadequate explanation, “Does that make sense?” Thankfully he nodded, grabbed a wooden spoon and said, “Yes please. Jake want make sense. Mummy Jake make sense ‘gether? Shall we do that?” Yes we shall.

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Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh, I love this. Making sense together. When my Girl was little, I used to try to keep a list of the things she said, but I was often laughing too had to remember to write them down. You have a collection of "Jakeisms" here. Happy day, by the way.