Monday, December 13, 2010

reverb10: Action


When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. What's your next step?

(Prompt Author: Scott Belsky)


I checked today’s prompt with the same sense of dread that I check my bank balance. I only dared to look at it squinting through my fingers, because even though I managed to work through yesterday's nausea with the help of laughter tinged with hysteria and a dancing skeleton, even his charms wore off a little too quickly and I was left feeling sick for having responded to the prompt at all. (It was only Jake's continued singing of "Dem bones dem bones dancing bones" which got me through the day.)  As I watched truly good writers and people whom I respect bow out of the project (Skippedydoodah and Turtleturtleturtle), I wondered whether I’d crossed a line by not doing the same. Maybe even taking the piss out of something that awful is in some way an act of self-betrayal. Maybe engaging with it at all was the equivalent of seeing a steaming pile of dog poo on the street and deciding to dance in it instead of avoiding it.

So today’s prompt was going to be the deciding one for me. The slightest whiff of excrement (or partially clothed self-adoring self-help celebrities) and it would be the end for me.

I’m cautiously happy to let you know that my stomach is grateful for the distinct lack of foul smell wafting from today's prompt, and for the fully-clothed and inoffensive author photo. Enough to ignore the link to another book being sold and not taking pot-shots at the author’s ‘Action Method.’ (I'll even resist researching the method in order to draw comparisons between it and wanking.  That's a form of "self-love" for those of you not familiar with British slang.)

Having said that, the ideas that I want to make happen are not things that I want to share. They are at that delicate, light-shy pupa stage of development. So this is something I’ll be working on in private. 

In the meantime, my next step is to enjoy my day with a decidedly more settled stomach.


Laura Cameron said...

I have been laughing my legs off at your responses! I signed up to Reverb thinking it would be a really interesting challenge but it's not something suited to my style of blogging or perhaps just me in general. Your 'I'll be working on in private' is exactly my stance and I might continue with some of the prompts but in private, to get me thinking and not for comment whoring.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh, man. I think I love you. Seriously.