Wednesday, December 22, 2010

22nd December ~ 100 word diary

Jake's at nursery right now!  They said he could stay for the afternoon because Santa’s popping in with presents for the children. UNEXPECTED FREE TIME!!!! I managed to get most of the groceries we need for xmas. I can now start baking THE cookies. I got a few treats for Jake and his friend E who’s coming over xmas day. And I found exactly what I was hoping we could get for Jake (megablocks and duplo to bump up his collection) in the charity shop for £4.50 (would cost upwards of £40 new). Oh dear. I’m getting excited about xmas!


tree shadow moon said...

Yay! All sounds very fun! You're actually risking spreading the merriness over here! Hugs xxx

Celia said...

Such a fun time with kids around. Hope it is a really good one for you.