Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I've signed up for another project!  No need to panic though, I have until May to complete it.

I came across this website via Geninne's blog.  The Sketchbook Project is no longer open for participation, but The Fiction Project is. 

The Art house Co-op is based in New York, but for most of the projects, anyone from anywhere in the world can take part.  Once you sign up and pick a theme or have one assigned at random for you, they send you a notebook to fill based on the theme (the fiction one combines writing & art) by the deadline.  You then send it back, all the books go on tour and are then entered into the Brooklyn Art Library for the public to look at.  You do have to pay an entry fee but it isn't much, the project is entirely run by two people and solely funded by these fees, they receive no other funding, and what a fantastic opportunity to get your work out there. 

You have until the 31st March 2011 to sign up for The Fiction Project.  Anyone care to join me?  Let me know if you do!!

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