Sunday, December 05, 2010

reverb10 ~ Prompt 5: Letting Go

Let Go.
What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?
(Prompt Author: Alice Bradley)


Ok, this is starting to feel like therapy. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’m already in therapy once a week and it’s hard work and even though I also want to dig deep to reflect and reverb, I also want to enjoy it. So at first I was resistant. But then I let go (see what I did there) and gave in to my need for play…

~ Letting go,
my "enigmatic" semi-blind contour self-portrait,
(Pen, ink & picnik)
Upon further reflection, this ended up being a rather joyful exercise. In addition to making the above drawing, I also made a list of things I’d let go of, things I no longer needed. Because they’d been weighing me down. But I don’t want to share the list. Except for one item. One thing I let go of this year, even if means having to let go of it every day, several times a day. The notion that I cannot…


Anonymous said...

Perfect :)

Beth said...

That's really lovely.