Thursday, March 11, 2010


Jake had his first nursery session alone today. He didn’t seem overwhelmed when we arrived and let himself be picked up, so I didn’t linger, though when I said goodbye, he reached for me, shouted “Daddy!” looking stricken. It was heartbreaking, but he seemed to stop crying fairly quickly. The staff later reported that he had his tearful moments, didn’t really play, stayed close to the person who was holding him when I left and periodically asked for me, but also had his nappy changed without crying and generally did well considering it was his first ever time being left.

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Anonymous said...

It must have been a really big moment for you! I haven't even been brave enough to leave Snow White in the creche at church for half an hour without me yet! Sounds like Jake coped quite well, it's good that he was able to attach himself to somebody and that made him feel secure.

Congratulations on your 100 days! I'm very interested to hear your experiences at the final day!