Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eat ~ No ~ Cuggles!

This is pretty much all I've heard from Jake in the last few days.  He says eat, then refuses everything offered to him and asks for cuggles, even though he is already being cuggled.  He's been ill and pretty miserable with it.  I've been ill too so I haven't been much cheerier. 
But it's always good to see him like this...

He's been so out of it that I put the futon mattress on the living room floor so he could have a snooze whenever he felt like it without having to take him upstairs to his cot.  I liked having him close by too.  When he's poorly, I just need to be able to see him when he's sleeping. 

Incidentally, the pink bedspread is the same one my parents had when I was a baby. 


Isadori said...

I love the way they sleep like that with their bums right up in the air! Thomas has been ill too - it's horrible. Hope Jake (and you!) feel better soon x

solveig said...

I love it when babies sleep like this too! Theo often does and it's just so sweet.

Hope he's better soon.

S x