Saturday, March 27, 2010


I've been finding it very hard to focus lately.  My head's been boiling over with project ideas and things to do, and very little time to do them.  I feel as if I've been scrabbling around, scattering myself about, wasting my energy.  I'm reading 5 books at once, getting way too preoccupied with silly tasks and trying not to become overwhelmed with Jake's renewed bout of painful pooing and the fact that I'm supposed to be going back to work right after Easter.  When I had a chance to get a few hours to myself, I went into town and bought stuff I didn't really need.  It's a lifelong habit I've yet to break.  I need to get grounded, and shopping is not the answer.

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tree shadow moon said...

I think the focus will only come once you get back to work, I think probably the lead-up will be quite a hotch-potch of thoughts and feelings, and is to be expected.
Hope Jake and Paul are feeling better!
Lots of love xxx