Monday, March 15, 2010

My biggest fan

An unexpectedly lovely outcome of my 100 Days project was finding out Jake is my biggest fan.  Upon spotting the drawings stuck to the walls, he got very excited.  Many of the objects drawn are very familiar to him, so he set about pointing and naming them.  "Ta-bo, my, my!!" (toothbrush, mine!), "pay-go, pay-go" (penguin), "oes, oes" (shoes), "Tu-to" (turtle), and most enthusiastically, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!" at a drawing of Paul. 

That's got to be the best reason ever for doing the project.

1 comment:

tree shadow moon said...

Ah man, that is EVER so sweet! Crikey, I agree, has to take the biscuit (or the jar of marmite) as being the best reason!

It's so ace that he already recognises all of those things in drawing!!! What a guy!

You're great, marmite-daddy, you really are!