Wednesday, March 31, 2010

People Project

I'm starting my next project tomorrow.  1st April - 9th July.  100 days of at least 50 drawings of people.  I'm saying 50 because I'm juggling other projects at the moment and these drawings are going to take more time than my 100 Day drawings did.  I'll be posting drawings both here and on my projects blog

I haven't drawn for a few days and I'm already losing my confidence.  I almost decided not to do this project, but the fact that it's scary is the best reason for doing it.  To help me keep my focus, I've outlined why I'm doing it and what I hope to achieve.

Why: to learn, to improve my drawing skills, to improve my daily moments comic strips, to eventually be able to create a graphic memoir.

Fears: That I'll find out I'm crap.

Remember: The struggle and why it's worth it - to improve, not to start out perfect and not to get lots of praise.  Also remember the best thing about a journey are the things you discover along the way, the things you weren't expecting to find.

If you're coming along for the ride, thank you, and I hope you enjoy it.

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