Thursday, March 25, 2010


Jake had another day of painful straining. I’m hoping it’s because his diet has been a bit fruit-bare lately and it’s not a return of whatever he had before his ileostomy. It’s unnerving to see him so happy one minute then bent over in pain the next. He’s able to tell us now, so it’s a teary “bot-bot!” followed by a stream of requests for cuggles, even while he’s already being held. He was due to see his consultant tomorrow but had to cancel because of the pox. His spots are spreading, but he still hasn’t noticed he’s got them.

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tree shadow moon said...

Hugs ...I'm sure it'll be just something that passes by and nothing at all connected to last time, maybe it's connected in some way to feeling under the weather with the pox? But I can imagine that it must be worrying for you, little poppets.
Sending you lots of big hugs, hope everyone there is better soon.
Lots and lots of love xxx
p.s. - and thanks lots for the lovely feedback!